Wahooy. First iTalki class in the notebooks. I feel very enthusiastic after this class. My iTalki tutor and I connected through Skype. Ms. Dean screen-shared her Tagalog powerpoint, and I could tell she put a lot of thought into it. My favorite part was a video she found on the internet, which you can see on the right. The flow of the lesson was really great. We would bounce between Tagalog ‘basics’ and fun-cute everyday phrases that you wouldn’t find in a textbook. Ms.Dean did a great job of making the lesson fun. I chose a tutor in my age range, which makes for more natural flow. Take your time selecting a tutor. Watch as many of the iTalki tutor intro-videos as you need to find a good match.

Making students want to learn, by having fun, is more important than being polite

The Philippines does not have the best infrastructure, especially in the provinces. Poor cell service, electricity outages, and no internet are common occurrences.

EDIT: This is now changed with the new piso wifi!!

You need to keep this in mind when collaborating with an individual in the pinoy paradise. My new tutor was late for this reason. You should create some buffer time before and after your sessions to accommodate for this. But seriously.. a super professional, fun-loving Tagalog tutor with great English for $6/hr. Can you really complain?

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