In three days I will be learning Tagalog online with a tutor.

In preparation, I watched some Tagalog YouTube videos online. Honestly, it’s much harder to stay focused and engaged when a live person isn’t in front of you, at least for me. I also forgot how intimidating learning a new language is at the start. All the sounds just don’t process in my head. It reminds me of how annoyed and frustrated I was in my first Mandarin class.

My friends and colleagues (all 3 of them) convinced me to learn Tagalog instead of Bisaya. Tagalog is taught in primary school and spoken in almost every area of the Philippines. Actually, there is no woman as my primary motivation for learning for the first time. Let’s see if I can still get motivated without that carrot.

There are many tutoring websites for learning Tagalog online, but I found iTalki to be the best. It has a simple user interface and the structure is less intimidating. I watched about five videos of teacher introductions before I found one I liked. The others clearly didn’t have any sense of humor.

iTalki Banner

“I can’t stress enough how important humor is when choosing an online tutor for language learning.”

If you get too bored, you are much more likely to give up the language – It’s that simple. You don’t want to become another statistic of early quitters.

iTalki offers trial lessons at a discounted rate, so you can really shop around for a tutor that matches you. For some reason, I prefer a female teacher but also choose one that’s unattractive. Be serious about your learning.

Set Realistic but Challenging Goals

Keep an Excel file with all the new words you use during class. Study this list before your next lesson. It is so important to review old words before studying the new ones. Before my trip to Cebu on 10/27, my Tagalog study goal is to learn 300 words in 6 months. I think this is achievable, and I am voicing it publicly for the added accountability haha. I will also tell my close friend code named “Black Donkey” to help me stay accountable. It helps, try it out in your own personal circle.

Preview of iTalki Dashboard

iTalki Dashboard Design

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