Ah- a bender, you are on it and the excuse is, “well it’s only been two days”. You, as an expat, find yourself at the Carmen, Cebu market. Lucky you! The genuine hospitality of these Kuya’s. I personally was able to get a lot of anger and sadness out from total strangers compassionately listening to me…. It really was what I needed at the time(s).

But, all good things need to end eventually come to an end:: grow up?? // or I’m out of – that drunk American in the market credits- whichever it is, if you the opportunity make a pit stop in Carmen market —— have a couple shots of tandy with the halo halo drivers. Its a great human interaction, read ‘ bro-mance’ .

To answer the question: the first time is OK, otherwise the provinces like to keep a clean image. Drink at the home/hotel/beach.

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