I am just going to play around a bit with this post. This blog is developing into a journal of sorts. Again, for me it is about getting words down.. can always edit later if you choose- or keep posting! Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the United States. I actually prepared something this year. Shocker. A friend of mine codenamed black donkey, recommended a book to me- which I will now pass on to my sister.. and also my loyal readers. You should read this short book: The Courage to be Disliked. It has unlocked many many many doors in my mind. Release from mental bondage.

A contact of mine I know strictly through Instagram, criticized me for trying to learn Tagalog. She said, “Almost everyone can speak English in the Philippines, there is no reason to learn Tagalog blah”. It is true, a lot of people speak English comfortably in the Philippines. But I advise you to not be such a basic tourist. Learn the local language. You can get a more authentic experience by spending time with locals.

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Tagalog

  1. Invitations. Making ANY effort to learn local language endears people to you. You can do more, and go further.
  2. Love. If you are someone that enjoys making others smile, then learn some phrases and see the reactions you get. The surprise and broad smile and instant effect from your use of local language is cathartic. (feels like that word might fit there but idk)
  3. Creativity. Learning another language improves your creativity. You will start mixing words (from separate languages) to create new slang or phrases. For example 好kawawa (such a pity, but also Hao can transliterate to How, How pitiful). Another example is the transliteration of the clothing brand named SheIn.
  4. AsianConnection. Wherever you go in Asia, there will be a local Filipino community. If you travel to Taiwan for example, and befriend some local Filipinos. You have instant Kuyas, bros, for local assistance. Filipinos love picnicking at the park.
  5. Companion. Marry a Filipina, but be faithful! Or ya’ dead.
  6. Karaoke.
  7. Less likely to be scammed.

Reasons You Should Learn Tagalog

Second Tagalog class was spectacular

I still can’t believe how incredibly happy and cheerful the Philippine people are with ultimate professionalism. They really are second to none. My tutor prepared a short pop quiz, which she introduced in such a playful cute way. I have never had such a fun language experience. Each correct answer was awarded with a graphical confetti blowout. Really great preparation. I will post the new Tagalog phrases I learned from my tutor later.

A combination of; an open heart, the principles of the book I mentioned, and some foundational Tagalog language skills, can set your journey free in the Philippines

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