I’ve been scrolling through a ton of posts lately, and man, the lack of originality is staggering. Does anyone write their own content anymore? And don’t get me started on the endless ‘best xyz in Cebu’ articles – enough to road trip out of civilation … and enter Catmon, Cebu. One of the most remote municipalities in northern Cebu. Picture this: ocean views up front, mountain vibes in the back – total Joe Dirt style!

The Unmatched Charm of Catmon

So yeah, this rant is actually about a night out in Catmon. And what a night to remember it turned out to be. This northern Cebu municipality has a quaint charm and old-school values that scream ‘awesome place to live’.

Who Said Catmon Doesn’t Party?

Last night, was all lit up, not for Sinulog, but for something else. A bunch of Kuyas and churchgoers hit the streets for a procession. The reason? Beats me. But for a couple of hours, they were all about that procession life and Catholic vibes. And the after-party? Classic province style – live band rocking out in the GYMNASIUM. Yep, you heard right. We country bumpkins turn the gym into a disco.

Sadly, I sat this one out, still shaking off the Carmen Sinulog 2024 frenzy. So, I will rely on a buddy of mine – let’s just call him mustache bone.

Contribution –start–

A Night to Remember

There was a party at the “Catmon Plaza Gym,” where local rappers performed. The artists, Winston Lee and Range along with DJ John Luis, were scheduled to start the show at 10 PM. There was an entrance fee of 150 pesos. My friends and I arrived around 7 PM, and we had our drinks lined up. Based on my experience, it’s always better to have a few drinks before entering the party in Catmon. Once the show starts, you’re all set for a crazy night because you’ve already had a shot, and you can drink more to enjoy the show. There are plenty of people to meet, and if you’re interested, you might connect with someone, but it all depends on mutual interest. You’ll also see couples getting affectionate, especially as they get more twisted.

The Aftermath of a Great Night

Late late night drinks at the Catmon sari sari

After the local rappers’ performance, a DJ takes over to keep the party going with disco music, enhancing the party vibe. The show ends at 4 AM, but if you’re still up for more, or haven’t had enough to drink, you can continue the fun outside. There’s a sari-sari store where you can chill for as long as you want. (I will drop the location later)

Catmon truly shines when there’s a party; it’s an opportunity to enjoy yourself and make new friends. It’s the best and most peaceful place to chill, relax, and enjoy.

–end– Contribution by Mustache Bone


What sets Catmon apart from, Carmen, Sogod, Danao?

People are more genuine here… struggling less but also not snobbish like Sogod

How come I have never heard about Catmon before?

Ironically, we keep a low profile

Is there a 7-11 in Catmon?

Yes, only one 7-11 and at the center of town. If you want to meet a tourist, this is the easiest spot to meet up.

What rules should I follow when partying in Catmon as an expat?

Don’t overshare, its a small town and if you are a foreigner assume everything you say will be broadcasted.. but if you are a tourist then feel free to blast off into space. 2) I think thats all.. 3) dont make me change these rules HAHA

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