Hey, Kuya! Need a break from the city noise, the crowd, and, let’s be honest, load ho’s ? Whether you’re itching for a solo adventure or a low-key getaway with a few close pals, the Philippines has a treasure trove of spots that are way off the usual tourist track. These really are the TOP 10 remote places to REALLY get away

1. Batanes Islands

This place is the real deal for escaping the daily grind. Up in the northernmost part of the Philippines, it’s all about windswept landscapes and waves crashing against rugged cliffs. Perfect for mulling over your thoughts while biking around or just chilling back with the Ivatans in their stone houses.

2. Apo Island, Negros Oriental

Tiny island, huge vibe. Apo is where you go to dive with turtles by day and kick back with a cold one by night. The locals are chill, the water’s clear, and it’s just you and nature doing your thing. Trust me, it’s pure bliss.

3. Biri Islands, Northern Samar

Forget your typical beach holiday; Biri is all about adventure. Scale the incredible rock formations, dip into the natural tidal pools, and snap some sick pics to make your friends jealous. This place is as Instagram-worthy as it is tranquil.

4. Camiguin Island

Volcano island! Trek up to see the sunrise from a peak, then unwind in a hot spring. Camiguin packs all the punch of a big island getaway but without the crowd. And yes, the seafood is fresh off the boat. Get your self on the next I blew up on a volcano doc!

5. Cuyo Islands, Palawan

Kite-surfing paradise right here. The winds are perfect, the vibes are laid-back, and the beaches? Heavenly. Get ready for some hardcore chill time and maybe even pick up a new sport while you’re at it.

6. Calayan and Palaui Islands, Cagayan Valley

It’s the simple life at its best on these islands. Trek, bird watch, or just laze around on beaches that you’ll pretty much have to yourself. It’s the ultimate spot for some peace and quiet, with nature as your backdrop.

7. Gigantes Islands, Iloilo

Seafood paradise, hidden caves, and untouched sandbars—Gigantes is a secret worth keeping (but I’m sharing it with you, bro). The journey is part of the adventure, and the scallops are just a bonus.

8. Linapacan Islands, Palawan

Crystal clear waters and off-the-radar; it’s like the universe’s gift to snorkelers and divers. Linapacan is the quiet cousin of El Nido and Coron that nobody talks about—but should.

9. Jomalig Island, Quezon Province

If golden sunsets and sandy toes are your jam, then Jomalig is your spot. This place is laid-back to the max, and the locals make you feel right at home. Chill out, ride a buffalo (yes, really), and see what island time truly feels like.

10. Capul Island, Northern Samar

Step back in time with a visit to Capul’s ancient Spanish lighthouse and centuries-old church. The island vibe is contagious, and the history is as rich as the peace and quiet you’ll find here.

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