Edit: the name  is actually Tambay sa baybay– and they now have an English name BrevStar‘. .

I’ve been living in Catmon, Cebu for a few months and there’s a place that’s difficult to find but by far the best place to chill out for a drink by the beach. The name is Tambay sa baybay (translation: hang out at the shore), its just 100m north of Vima Shore the hip food court (also on the beach). The locals call this place BAYBAY, theres food and some music, you can rent a cabana for 500p or so and make your own story. Sprite, 5 year tanduay and ice is my regular drink for under 100p.  A bunch of picnic tables, on the beach, cheap cabanas, some cute staff , music is a bit loud- but all local catmon workers drinking and chilling. No foreigners or tourists really unless its the few paleys that live here.

I suggest finding a halo-halo driver (local pinoy motor man) and pay him 50-100p from the 711 to get you there. Remember there is only one 711 in Catmon. The halo halo drivers here are super honest, everyone here is 1000 clicks above those lapu lapu dregs. I will post some better instructions on getting there yourself later. You literally have to drive on sand through houses.

Someone said pray for Catmon?

How to find BrevStar- Tambay sa Baybay?

Go to Vima Shore, and walk 100 meters north along the beach.. they do not have a Google maps location… this place is LOCAL

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