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Our content spans a broad spectrum, catering to expats looking for a retirement haven, language enthusiasts eager to learn, and adventurers searching for the next hidden gem.

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Hitting Up the Real Filipino Scene

We’re not just scratching the surface here – we’re going all in, deep into the cool, crazy world of Filipino culture. Picture us as your go-to bro, cruising from the wild streets of Manila to the chill vibes of Palawan. What’s on the menu? Just the realest stories, the slickest tips, and those secret gems that make living it up Filipino-style a total blast. Ready for an epic ride? Join us and let’s roll through the Philippines, Hoy Kuya style – no holding back!

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As the founder and lead explorer, Jack’s expertise and passion for travel infuse HoyKuya with adventurous spirit and innovative ideas.

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Kate knows where the party’s at. Her insider knowledge on the social scene makes her your go-to for nightlife and entertainment in the Philippines.

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james farr

James is all about city information. His tips on urban escapades will guide you through the Philippines’ dynamic city life.